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immune stimulants

immune stimulants

Here you could purchase immune stimulating medicine. Substances that stimulate the human immune system

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Mastodynon oral drops 100ml
MASTODYNON Instruction for use   Pharmacological action Mastodinon is herbal non-hormonal preparation. Due to substances included in prutnyaka ordinary, in a woman's body decreases production of the hormone prolactin, which is normally produced during pregnancy. Increased pro..
Memory bioactive 50 tablets
Description:   Ingredients mg / caps .: extracts: Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgo biloba) - 15.0, Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) - 60.0, ginseng root (Panax ginseng) - 10.0, Eleutherococcus (Eleutherococcus senticosus) - 25.0 ; glutamic acid - 75.0, tyrosine - 10.0, lecithin - 200.0, vitamin B1..
Mexiprim (Mexidol) 30 tablets 125mg
MEXIPRIM®   Composition: active substance: 1 ml contains etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate 50 mg; excipient: water for injection.   Dosage form. The solution for injection. Basic physical and chemical properties: clear, colorless or slightly yellowish liqui..
Neoprost Frote 400mg 30 capsules
NEOPROST-Forte  Description   Composition 1 capsule contains:   basic substances: African plum (Pygeum africanum / Prunus africanum), dry extract of measles - 100 mg (mg); peppermint (Urtica dioica radix), dry extract of root - 80 mg (mg), celery (Apium grav..
Neoton (Phosphocreatine) 4g
Neoton (Phosphocreatine). Powder for parental use 4 bottles of powder + 1 solvent bottle + kit for single use Neoton (4gr)- the preparation of a solution of phosphocreatine (Alfa Schiapparelli Wassermann). The desire to increase the efficiency of recovery of energy resources in the myocar..
Noni Extract 50 tablets
Description:   Ingredients mg / caps: Morinda citrifolia, Noni extract - 200.0, vitamin C - 10.0.   Method of application: adults and adolescents from 16 years on 2 capsules 2 times a day one hour before meals. The course of reception is 1-2 months, which is recommended ..
Notta oral drops 50ml
NOTTA® Description   General characteristics:   basic physical and chemical properties: transparent, slightly yellow or greenish-yellow solution without peculiar smell, with a slight taste of oats;   composition: 100 ml of drops contains: Avena sativa D1..
Novirin (inosine pranobex) 40 tablets 500mg
NOVIRIN INOSINUM PRANOBEX*    Novirin Ingridients:   Novirin's active ingredient is inosine pranobex. Other excipients: magnesium stearate, povidone, potato starch.   PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES:   The active substance is inosine pranobe..
OKOVIT 200 tablets for human vision
Description:   Ingredients: blueberry fruit extract - 50%, vitamin premix (vitamin E - 0.7 mg, B1 - 0.11 mg, B2 - 0.13, B3 - 0.6 mg, B6 - 0.15, B12 - 0, 08 µg, C - 4 mg, follic acid - 26 µg, PP - 1.2 mg, biotin - 9.8 µg), zinc - 2.5 mg, B-carotene - 12.5 mg.   Metho..
OKOVIT 80 tablets for human vision
Description:   Ingredients: blueberry fruit extract - 50%, vitamin premix (vitamin E - 0.7 mg, B1 - 0.11 mg, B2 - 0.13, B3 - 0.6 mg, B6 - 0.15, B12 - 0, 08 µg, C - 4 mg, follic acid - 26 µg, PP - 1.2 mg, biotin - 9.8 µg), zinc - 2.5 mg, B-carotene - 12.5 mg.   Method of ..
Description:   Composition mg / caps: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) - 180.0, dekozagexaenoic acid (DHA) - 120.0, Vitamin E (d-a-tocopherol) - 6.7.   How to use: adults 1 capsule 2-3 times a day during the meal. The course of reception is 1-2 months, which can be repeated i..
Osteogenon 40 tablets
OSTEOGENON Description     Composition:   active substance: 1 tablet contains: ossein gdrussiayear connection 830 mg, which includes 75 mg of the collagen peptide/protein, 216 mg of collagen (approximately 291 mg osenu); 178 mg calcium, 82 mg of phosphorus (..
Otofa ear drops (rifamycin) 10 ml
OTOFA Description   Composition: active substance: rifamycin; 1 ml solution contains sodium refalo in terms of rifamycin 26 mg/ml (20000 IU/ml); excipients: macrogol 400, ascorbic acid, disodium edetate, potassium metabisulphite (E 224), lithium hydroxide, purified wa..
Pantocrin oral drops 50ml
PANTOCRIN Description   The composition of the drug:   active substance: the extract from deer antlers, red deer or Sika deer antlers (1:6 and 58);   excipients: flavouring "Pear", ethanol 52 %.   Dosage form. Extract liquid, alcohol. &n..


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